Kate eyeshadow BR-2

Recently A friend of mine who is so nice to get me 3 eyeshadow palettes from Japan. I was wondering about  how were those Japanese drugstore eyeshadows like forever. I played with one of three for about 10 days and I’m totally in love! It is so good that I decided to write a post individually for only this one!

Kate is a Japanese drugstore cosmetics brand owned by Kao Corporation, who also own Kanebo(A fancy Japanese cosmetics brand). Just like L’Oréal in drugstore to YSL/Giorgio Armani cosmetics.  We can always find dupes in L’Oréal family. Kate eyeshadow (around $10)is a dupe for Kanebo lunasol eyeshadow(around $50). You get the idea.

Japanese drugstore cosmetics is famous for high quality with very reasonable price. Especially in eyeshadows. In US, you can usually  find them in your local Japanese grocery store or on Amazon.com.

The one I have is Kate brown shade eyes br-2. One powder base/setting color with three shine  everyday neutral tone Brown colors.

Photo were all taken by iPhone 6s with natural sunlight.

With  one swatch only, see how rich the colors are~

2 things I’m really impressed with the eyeshadow palette.

1, Quality. It’ creamy and not powdery at all. Long lasting, super easy to blend. I can do a everyday look with fingertips.

2, Colors.Pigmentation pay off really well. Three of them are  very fine shimmery colors, last one is a powder, none of them has glitters!  The first one is highlighter, goes great on bottom lash lines. Usually highlighter will make my inner Conner fine lines more obvious, not with this one!! It brightens my eyelids, makes them more awake~ The second color has a peachy undertone in it, a brown-peachy color, I can never wear a red/pink-peachy color, it makes my eyelids look like a allergic reaction. But with the second color in this palette I finally able to wear a peachy color!! Third one is a rich grey brown. Add a little bit at the outter connor of the eyes, will make your eyes looking brightner and bigger!  The last one is everything! I use it as a primer and a under eye setting powder!

All above combine together, it definitely a high-end quality product! Sometimes high-end market really only high on price, I’ve used so many so called high-end products that so disappointing!

At last,thank you Jennifer! I really appreciate your kindness!

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