Glossier “The supers” review and comparisons 

In A rush? I’ll review Glossier “the supers”serums bundle $65, compare them to similar products from Drunk Elephant(high price) and The Ordinary(less than $10). Swipe to the pictures you are interested in, review will be right there~Thank you for stopping by!💕💕💕

I heard about “Glossier” on YouTube back in 2015. Everyone was raving about it, Sounded like push-too-hard commercials to me, so I stayed away from it.

I judged it too quickly.However, I’m sure you can understand the “judgemental”. we are real life consumers, paying  pennies out of our own pockets, should not take the risks if we don’t want to. Late in 2016, I had very good experience in Drunk Elephant skincare (I wrote a whole line review about it, click here to read the review), which also opened my mind to try something else new.

I’ve purchased three times on, stay tuned for other glossier products reviews if you are curious about this brand. Today I’m going to write some thoughts on “the supers”  the serums bundle.

I did a lot researches before I finally placed my order, with all the anti-aging serums in the market floating around, it was really confusing for me to choose from brands to  brands and products to products.

Glossier was created by a group of beauty editors that have (literally) tried everything out there and know what

According to my understanding, Glossier was created by the beauty editors from Into the gloss-a beauty blog. I started reading the blog after I purchased glossier products. So their products should have both beauty editors’ experience and regular consumers’ expectation.That makes the difference from other brands. I love how they put skincare first over makeup, promoting a natural real life look for girls.

I purchased Glossier “the supers” before Christmas, when they had a free overnight shipping over $75.By the way, if you are interested buying their product, keep in mind they only give new customers 20% off for one time use. Rarely has other sales. But the price is quite reasonable.  Now I’ve been using them for a good one and half month.


This bundle includes three products: Super Pure, Super bounce, Super glow. You can see my favourite by the usage~ I like the super pure the most-my acne-prone skin savior!!

Super Pure-Contains niacinamide and zinc. which are very helpful for soothing redness and helping calm blemishes.

Super bounce- Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. This formula is super popular among all the hydrating serums in the market. But different  pH level and percentage will have different performance on skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a ingredient naturally in our body, famous for the ability of carrying 1000 ml of water per gram. B5 brings back skin elasticity.

Super glow-A vitamin C serum. Helpful for Brightening skin and fading out acne scars.

I feel like those are the only 3 kinds of serums  we actually need. Even from different brand, as long as they work for me, it will benefit my skin in a long term use.

Here is a picture of the consistency of “the supers”. I dropped 2 drops of each product then moved my arm a little towards the ground.


Super bounce is a thick gel serum, similar to any kind of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 serum.

Super Pure is a watery almost toner-like serum. I mentioned my hormonal acne experience in my Drunk elephant whole line review  post. Before drunk elephant, I tried paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid, Sunday riley luna oil, SUnday riley UFO oil. They all improved my acne a little, but the new acne just kept coming…I didn’t expect anything from super pure really, I’ve peacefully accepted hormonal acne will cure it itself, they will go away eventually…There is nothing more I can do about it…

I liked the super pure at first use , because it sink into my skin in a blink! It didn’t add more weight on my skin so I kept using it.

But after about a week of using the pure, it was my husband noticed my acne seemed gone much better first, I didn’t like mirror back then. I immediately went to the mirror and found that there were way less new bumps! The old ones calmed down! I almost cried!!  Then I kept using it at night(I only use serum at night, no matter which kind or which brand), after two weeks there were no more new ones!! I’m planning a post about my acne story, I kept my progress photos they’re not pretty but i hope that post will help anyone in the struggle.

Now it’s been over a month I use the pure twice a week, the result stay good. If you are experiencing hormonal acne,  and like me before nothing seems work,  I beg you try this one! Buy it idivitully for $28 if you don’t need other ones! The pure gave my acne a significant improvement! It didn’t dry out my skin like other BHA/AHA products, in fact I didn’t experience  dryness from any niacinamide and zinc products.   Now sometimes I still have one or two pimple pop up, but no more “non-stop”. Good enough to me.

Super glow is the most watery serum I ever used, literally like just a toner, it easily(and always) drop from my pam to arm, that’s why I use it less than the other two.

Another picture of  close look  to “the glow”. See how watery it is, I have other VC serums, this one is not outstanding among the whole crew. I don’t feel the brightening result the next morning, but I will use it up for the water consistency. Japanese beauty brand HABA also has a 5% VC serum called White Lady, the consistency is  very similar to the super glow, but the brightening result is better.




The comparison is among three brands: Glossier, The Ordinary, Drunk Elephant.

VC serums(brightening) comparison : The glow and Drunk Elephant C-firma,

Niacinamide and zinc serums comparison: The ordinary and Glossier The pure

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 serums comparison(hydrating): Glossier, The Ordinary, Drunk ElephantFullSizeRender (1).jpg

Information: I found a vlogger who reviewed quite a lot the ordinary products, if you are here for the ordinary products, I recommend you take a detour to her videos, they’re the best the ordinary reviews I have seen so far. She explains what are those products for and how to use them, I checked her reviews on the ordinary are not sponsored.

Youtube Channel Gothamista

The Ordinary Review Pt.1 | Buffet, Niacinamide, HA+B5, Arbutin, Matrixyl

The Ordinary Review Pt 2 | Retinoid, Vitamin C, Lactic/Azelaic Acid, Rose Hip Oil

Hyaluronic Acid and B5 serums



Texture: Glossier and the ordinary have similar watery consistence, drunk elephant b-hydra is a thick gel.

Performance On skin: Drunk elephant$52 is the lightest among three on skin, it melt down to water, like just splash some water on face.

The the glossier super bounce($28 individual)Sinks in skin quick too, but need a few seconds to dry down.

The ordinary($8 on thicker on skin, need a little massage and few seconds to dry down.

Result: I feel glossier the bounce and the ordinary both provide a hydration improvement on my skin with moisturizer on top. Better than Drunk elephant B-hydra. It’s still winter, I will choose them over b-hydra. However, if summer comes, b-hydra will feel better on skin.

In summary, The Ordinary definitely a winner on price($8/30ml) and get the job done. Super bounce has a reasonable price($28/15ml)and a great performance. Drunk Elephant B-hydra is more on a luxury($52/50ml) skincare side, provide a light hydration support.


Texture: Super Glow is a translucent  water serum. Drunk elephant c-firam has an orange color. And it will leave a light orange color cast on skin. It has a unique technology that promise the power will stay on skin for 3 days. The color can be washed off.

For the packaging, super glow is in a translucent glass bottle with a dropper. C-firma is in a light protection plastic airless pump, keep it perfectly fresh. I’d give c-firma the score for that!
Performance On skin: Super Glow is super fast to absorb. C-firma need a little massage and few seconds to dry down.

Also, sometimes I experience a tingling sensation when I use c-firma, especially after the day that I applied acid treatments. A short moment but noticeable, it will go away in a few minutes. Super Glow doesn’t have the tingling sensation, I’ll use more super glow to see if it will bring a brightening result in long term use.

Result:  I didn’t feel super glow ($28/15ml) was doing anything to be honest. Especially with my acne scars. But the drunk elephant c-firma($80/30ml) is my current favorite VC serum. It fades out my acne scars, brightnes my complexion. It is pricey, however I’ve had my first bottle for about 10 months now I haven’t run out it yet. I use it twice or thrice a week.

In summary: Super Glow add a little glow to skin that’s all. Drunk elephant seriously fade out my acne scars and brightnes my complexion. I’d save money for c-firma, and spend more time to try super glow.
Texture: Super pure($28/15ml) is a watery serum, very liquidy enhance easy to absorb.The ordinary($6.5/30ml on ASOS)has a slightly thicker gel texture.
Performance On skin: They both work! But super pure sink in skin faster than the ordinary. I just can’t believe the ordinary works just as good for only $6.5! For the price, we have a winner! Although I will repurchase them both.
Result: For whiteHeads/ blackheads, I didn’t notice any difference on the speed of how fast two serums clearing up skin. It usually takes two days to see a difference, not in a way like “completely killed them ” or ” never will have them again”. But I can feel my skin is less angry, pimples either smaller or poped out. Ifyou are just curious about Niacinamide and zinc products, I recommend start with the ordinary. It’s cheaper, works fine! It’s a brand that ridiculously affordable. The sweet price tag scares me at first. After trying two products from the ordinary, I’ll definitely try more!

In summary: I have wonderful experience in Niacinamide and zinc products. They clear up my skin and aren’t dry at all( I do layer moisturizer on top). They are new ingredients for acne prone skin to me, with a long time use of different kinds of AHA/BHA acne treatments, I feel my skin is more sensitive and easily gets redness. Maybe I should take a break from acid treatments!

for result I recommend them both. For price, the ordinary. For the watery consistency, I recommend glossier.

Another long review! If you ever reach to this point, I really appreciate your time!

And for bonus, here is a picture of how I did a make over on my really small side table, the organizer is from on sale for $10(regular $38). It holds up sample size products beautifully and keeps flat goods like kindle, phones, eye mask in order. For plastic made organizer, it’s good quality and very convenient. If you are looking for a vanity organizer, check this one out~ 💕


  1. This is such a helpful comparison! Thanks for all the detail here. I’m trying a lot of the DE samples right now and deciding which to purchase in full sizes. I also felt like the Super Glow did nothing for me, but love the DE C-Firma and Paula’s Choice C15.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Another thing I should mention in this post is if you ever purchase the full size C-firma, please keep in mind it’s best to be used in 6 months instead of”12M” on the bottom of the bottle, for the best results. I saw it on DE’s Instagram then emailed them asking about it. Have a nice day!


  2. Hi! I’ve already purchased 2 bottles of super glow and I’m onto my 3rd. I recommend you use it during daytime, before putting on moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup. Worked for me! It hydrates and gives a natural healthy glow. I would say it’s one of my favorites.


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