My Invisible Clip On Earrings Collection


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Why clip-ons?

I didn’t pierce my ears. Didn’t do it when I was a kid, don’t want to as an adult. Also, some people allergy to metal. I sincerely hope Tiffany can start making clip-ons at some point, So we don’t have to poke holes on our body just for a little fun on jewelry.

Vintage Store Obsession

Since I didn’t want to pierce my ears in a stubborn way, finding beautiful yet high quality earrings was a big challenge for me. Most brands don’t make any, few brands kindly enough to manufacture, however the traditional clip ons are so painful! 30 minutes! That’s the limit for me wearing traditional clip-ons before I cut my ears off.

I discovered screw-back earrings in Vintage stores, screw back stays on my ears way longer than clip ons and less painful.That was when the vintage store obsession begun. I had a lot fun! Vintage jewelries were very well made by hand in the old times, with bright colors and high quality metal or other material. As much as love them, sometimes they are too heavy for everyday wear and too colorful for my wardrobe. An owner of a vintage store told me I should look up on A lot vintage stores are on it, so I don’t have to pay a visit to another city just for earrings. FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Picture took in my favorite vintage store-Diva Dollz in October,2014 . Wonderful place!

624 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104 Wonderland

Not only vintage stores are on Etsy, but also the entire handmade world!  I only shopped in 2 Etsy stores by far. Both for earrings. One is from Florida, left in the picture.I bought 3 pairs, around $20 per pair.The blue/silver ones in the picture is the only pair left. At first I thought: They must be super light!! They are, although the clip isn’t tight enough to stay on. So they disappeared quietly when I wore them the first time. It’s a shame because they were actually very cute! Then I tried another store in Japan. My oh my! That’s the one.

Overall review on invisible earrings I bought from MiyabiGrace, they totally changed my struggle with clip on earrings. I don’t have to take them off after half hour or worry about I might drop them. When I pair them with everyday outfitter, it makes me happy. 💕💕Just like every girl have pieced ears, I have so many options to play with. Every time I wear them, I feel comfortable and confident, I feel like me. By writing this article, I hope I can share this option and happiness with all these girls don’t want to piece ears but still want beautiful earrings. Also I guess not a lot people knowing about invisible clip on earrings, makes me feel special~~😉

MiyabiGrace Pierced Look and Comfortable Invisible Clip On earrings

Etsy store:

Shiping cost to US: $6.4  Usually arrives in 7-10 days.

Price:From $25-$50



As you can see in picture, the clip is translucent, it’s flexible, detailed, soft, so comfortable, light and stay on whole day! If you’ve been hunting clip ons for years like me, you can imagine the surprise  and happiness~ I ordered first 2 pairs back in summer 2016. Just to test them out. I’m still so glad I did!!  NO more vintage hunting, they are brand new! Then I build my collection one order after another.Price is from $25-$50 per pair. This article is not sponsored by the way, I paid every piece with my own money.

Here are some pictures ,ready? It makes me so happy just look at them, I never though I can actually have so many choices with clip ons, and they are so beautiful even compare to regular earrings.


Pearls are everything


I was really into Dior Tribales earrings almost pierced my earrings for them. Now I don’t have to! I just checked the link to MiyabiGrace etsy store, both of them were sold out, but if you are interested, you can contact the owner to see if she can still make some. Contact owner Jennifer:


Those 2 are my go to. They literally go with everything, and make any outfitter better. I recommend everyone new to clipon earrings or invisible clipons start from those 2~

Left ones$29:

Right ones $28:

Little Black Dress can really use some sparkle


Left ones $40:

Right ones: Sold out. Same style in another color


No one ever notice I was wearing clip ons!1fcfb896-486c-4856-8d5e-5bef73fdd5f4

The third one was my first purchase in this store(summer 2016), it was the key piece for me because since then I hardly ever went back to vintage stores.  whenever I decide go for a girly look that day, I’ll wear this pair.

There are hundreds of items in MiyabiGrace on Etsy , I bought lots of them yet still have my eyes on new ones..


Storage,care and wear.


As I didn’t expect I would find so many pairs of earrings, my jewelry box is only for rings and necklace, so I was on a new hunting trip for new jewelry box….Turns out, most brands doesn’t make jewelry box for clipons either..So I store them in the box came with and keep hunting. I bought those plastic divided box in container store  ,for $1.99. They are perfect! Keep all the earrings organized and away from air. Also easy to find.

The little plastic zip bag is found on, I use them to travel with all kinds of jewelries. And keep them from tangling with each other.

Care and Wear.

I don’t wear any jewelry to shower nor wear them overnight. I’ll use a tissue to wipe out any dirt at the end of the day if I wear them and put back to the little container store box. Every pair I bought in MiyabiGrace still looks like brand new.


Shopping Experience 

1, Very well packed. Just like every fancy jewelry store will do.


2, Ship and Return. Shipping Fee is USD 6.4, usually takes 7-10 days to arrive once I placed order. Impressive for international shopping. Sometimes shop on takes longer. I made an exchange during my last order, I was afraid it would be hard since it was an international order. After contacted the owner I shipped the package back to Japan for USD 22.5 through USPS. It took about 8 days got back to the store owner Jennifer. Then exchange went very smoothly.

About the Owner Jennifer

Jennifer is absolutely adorable,  she is the owner also the designer who truly cares about customers.She had difficulties finding clip-ons when she was studying in Canada,  then she started her own shop once she got back to Japan. If you are looking for clip on earrings, or just tired of pierced earrings, her stores is the destination.


MiyabiGrace Pierced Look and Comfortable Invisible Clip On earrings

Etsy store:

Shiping cost to US: $6.4  Usually arrives in 7-10 days.

Price:From $25-$50



  1. Clip ons wearer here, for me it’s because of allergies to every metal apparently other than gold in my pierced ears, and you are so right about traditional clip ons – sooo painful!

    I only discovered these invisible clip ons within the last year, and from MiyabiGrace as well, and I am obsessed!!!

    You might want to look at the “YAMAZAKI home Tosca Tiered Accessory Trays” on Amazon to them. I slip the clip on the rim on the top tray which allows me to see them all and keep them organized. Although you said that the box you use “keeps them away from air” – I’m curious why that’s important?

    I actually landed on your site because I was so bummed today when one of the clips on mine snapped in half. The make it worse, they are my favorite pair and I’ve only worn them 6 times – ugh! Anyway, in my search to see how I might buy the clip and try to fix it myself I landed on your blog.


    • Hi there, just saw your comment and sorry about the delayed reply! Regarding the repairing, have you contacted Jennifer, the owner of MiyabiGrace yet? I’m sure she should be able to take care of your earrings. Superglue is another option, or you can take them to a local jeweler, with professional tools they could fix them in a second. But among all those I’d strongly recommend contact Jennifer first, I received a pair of uneven earrings, there was no hassle at all for the returning. in your case, my guess is she would send you a replacement. I just searched the tray you recommended on Amazon, they are amazing! Simply, clean, yet very functional, thanks for the recommendation! I may get some of those for organizing. And about the “keep them away from air part’, it’s for a long-lasting protection of your jewelry. While some materials like gold not necessarily will oxidize from the air, but some materials like silver will. Also, dust, humidity, sunlight, heat are no friends to jewelry either. Very often they might tangle with each other. Delicate material like pearls will get scratched from tangling. While display them together in an open tray is certain a piece of eye candy, store them in divided containers in a draw would save us lot of time and hassle from regularly clean them, most importantly to keep them in long-lasting grace and glory~~


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