Spring Morning Routine 2017


Morning Tea and Vitamin


Hi, there! GOOD MORNING! This was my first morning started with a cup of tea- honey vanilla chamomile. I’m a 100% coffee person. Surprisingly I enjoyed it, it was gentle and soothing, gave me some extra peace in mind.  Although I’m going to have some coffee later for sure. Vitamin is something new I’m trying. I picked the one called “Women’s Multi” in Whole foods, one tablet a day support a healthy immune system. It could be taken on a empty stomach. Sometimes I forgot about it.

Current Skin Situation

From winter to spring and now almost summer, my skin is in the angry phase that combines: sensitive, easily irritated, dry, oily, hormonal acne up and down again. I feel like during any changes of seasons, my skin needs some extra attention. For my morning routine, I’ll keep it as simple as possible, leave all the treatments at night. With all those products’ help, my skin calmed down I think we can be BFF again~

Products in the Picture 

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.53.43 AM.png

1 Labo Labo Super Keana Lotion 100ml  1 Official websiteAmazon(third party seller)

It’s a lactic toner from Japanese skincare lab brand Dr.Ci:Labo.  I like it very much. It has a cooling effect and light orange peel scent. Use it with a cotton pad in circle motion, leaves my skin very smooth yet not dry at all. Screenshot from Dr.Ci:Labo official website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.38.50 AM

2, The ordinary Alpha Arbutine  2% +HA  $8.9. Great product on fading out pigmentations! I’m a big fun of alpha arbutine. It’s stable, effective, The ordinary makes it so affordable. I’ll recommend it to anyone who needs a serum to fade out dark spots or acne marks. It sinks in skin really quickly, slight stickiness went away in seconds. One of my favorite product from this brand by far. BTW, reviews on 10 of The ordinary products coming up soon. Screenshot from the ordinary website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.48.13 AM

3, Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil  $29  Whole foods has it and always on sale, the cheapest price I got was during whole foods beauty week, $15.8

Rosehip oil has great benefits for anti-aging, I use it as a moisturizer, 3 -4 drops, just the right amount for my acne-prone combination skin.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.51.31 AM.png

4, Glossier Balm dotcom tinted lip balm $12  Reliable lip balm with lovely color.

5  Hand cream Almond Delicious Hands . I change hand cream all the time, depends which is the nearest. This one has lotion texture, very moisturizing. Almond delicious is my favorite line from Loccitane.


My system for daytime skincare: 

Cleanse + toner+ serum+moisturizer+ sunscreen

I change products time by time but my system and how I work it remains the same. Morning routine takes me within 5 minutes.

Cleanse: If I didn’t use any acid treatment the night before, I’ll just use lukewarm water to wash face, otherwise I’ll use a gentle cleanser such as Glossier milk jelly or any low foam product to wash off treatment residue meanwhile not over wash.

Hand cram and lip balm: Frequently apply as needed.

Stay at home(NO outdoor activity at all, no UV): Cleanse+Toner + serum+ oil.

Going out: Cleanse+oil+Sunscreen(currently use Drunk Elephant Umbra, it’s actually very moisturizing. Sometimes I’ll skip oil/moisturizer before Umbra ). Following with makeup.

Why: I won’t use any acid products during daytime, no matter if it’s a toner, a serum, a body lotion or any form. To avoid any unnecessary increasing of skin sensitivity to sunlight or UV damage. Plus, less skin care products leaves a better canvas for makeup.

Hope you all have a good skin season!




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