ColourPop blotted lip Review



So I picked up 3 of them,  $5 each. There are 11 shades in “Colourpop blotted lip” lipsticks range. 4 tones: pinks, reds, oranges/corals, purples. According to colourpop’s website, it’s a limited edition. Here is a screen shot from colourpop website.


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 6.40.01 PM


Packaging is quite simple, but does the job, caps are all loose however won’t fall off, I won’t recommend to put them in purse directly though, risky.

For $5, we get 1.0g/0.035oz . Almost less than a sample size. As seen in picture, that’s all we got. For reference, a regular lipstick is usually around 3g-4g, so it will be around$20 if they come in regular size. For me, I think it actually is a great idea, I never finished a lipstick in my entire life. In this amount and price, I  got to pay less for my curiosity.

Colourpop blotted lip bees knees Pink tone

Colourpop blotted lip ice cube Purple tone

Colourpop blotted lip sucker Orange/coral tone

My Notes:

1, matte, like really matte. Not suitable for dry lips.

2, Uneven for 1 layer, light to medium coverage, color pay off too uneven to be light coverage. Not moisturize enough as tinted lip balm, very different from Glossier Generation G.

3,  If you already have similar lip colors from any other brand, you are not missing anything. If you want try those trendy colors, they are decent choices.

They are definitely Not “sheer matte” as they were described on website. They are matte finish with less “cracked” compare to other colourpop matte lip colors.

When I saw the swatches on their website, they reminded me so much of Glossier Generation G($18/2g). But there are nothing identical between those 2 products. Generation G can be used alone, moisturize enough to be a tinted lip balm, or layering it as a lipstick and it does have that sheer matte finish. Colourpop blotted lip has to be used with layering apply, otherwise, they are just so uneven on lips. The texture of those new blotted lip colors are just like any other matte lipsticks. Without overly drying.

I like “ice cube” the most.  Then “Bees Knees”. Nice colors, not that difficult to get them evenly on lips. “Sucker” kind true to its name, no matter how many layers I tried, just couldn’t get it evenly. It’s the worst of three… Such a shame, it’s really beautiful on arm. To be honest, if there is return option, I might only keep “ice cube”. Even though the price is very friendly, I don’t think the quality is impressive by any means.

1 swatch vs Several swathes, it seems like even color pay off on arm, but not so even on lips.

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