Inglot Freedom System


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Brief reviews:

1, Good(concealer and eyeshadows) quality with reasonable price.

2, personalize your own palette is fun~And cool~

3, I recommend the “INGLOT freedom system, especially for anyone only use same/specific colors everyday~ Easy on wallet and more portable.

Inglot freedom system information list:

1, Inglot usa official website 

2, Inglot at online retailer beautylish(US)

3, Inglot at online retailer Macy’s (US)

What’s in my kit:

1,Case: Inglot Freedom System Palette Square/Mirror [3] $8

2, Peachy concealer: Inglot cosmetics Freedom System Concealer in shade Peach Color Correcting  $7/1.8g

3, Matte Rainbow eyeshadow: Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 112  Matte Grey Brown tone $9/2.5g

4, Shimmery Rainbow eyeshadow: Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 125 Brown tone with shimmer $9/2.5g


What is Inglot freedom system?

It’s a personalized  makeup palette allow customers to build their own make up kit.

According to your personal preference, you can build your own palette from single product to maximum professional makeup artist kit. If you are familiar with MAC personalized palette, it’s about the same thing. Palette price is  from $7-$39(giant..)

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.01.58 PM

Products list to be chose from, I didn’t see perfume opinions when I built my palette in store, however it is listed on inglot’s website. I guess it could be a mistake, or solid perfume maybe??Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.01.49 PM

My oh mine,

I built my very first personalized palette in my local Macy’s store about 8 months ago. I never used anything from this brand before but heard a lot about it from Youtubers. When I found out a Macy store carry them(about 16 mile from my home), I applied my sunscreen and went there immediately, it was a Sunday~ It had a counter as big as Mac’s, with all the testers, hundreds and hundreds colors. I went there again recently, they only carry a very small amount products in a sad corner now. what a pity..

The ultimatum simple everyday 5 minutes kit

Because I’m not capable doing any colorful eyeshadows, and I don’t want to, I determined to have a small kit with one concealer and 2 natural tone eyeshadows, A safety kit I can run out with, take to an island with, do my makeup on a bus with.

When I was at Inglot counter in Macy’s, with all the colors and those professional BAs, it was really easy to be carried away. Somehow I kept myself in control. By the way, carries inglot and they have all the swatches, very helpful~If you are interested in this brand and going to shopping online, I’ll recommend Beautylish.

The case:  Inglot Freedom System Palette Square/Mirror .  $8(reusable),magnet, very easy to remove. It came with a  dual eyeshadow sponge applicator, quite useful but I lost it. Total cost for My palette is $33 plus tax. One under eye concealer $7, good for 12 months. 2 natural tone rainbow eyeshadows $9/each, good for 18 months.  This case is not the one I wanted originally , but with a mirror inside, it’s very convenient to travel with .


Reviews and swatches

1,Inglot cosmetics Freedom System Concealer in shade Peach Color Correcting $7 

2, Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 112 Grey brown tone, complete matte(in the middle)

3, Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 125 Brown tone, with shimmer


Concealer: My foundation color is Lancome 210 buff(N) for reference. I got color match for this concealer in store,  This peachy concealer is perfect for under eye dark cycles, it’s a little awkward on it’s own but perfect with foundation on top. This concealer is creamy, easy to apply by finger tips or brushes, blend into skin beautiful. It’s on the wet side so I always set it with loose powder, doesn’t move at all. Such a great under eye concealer.

Eyeshadows: When I saw the”rainbow” eyeshadows, I didn’t even swatches other colors, three shades in one, yes please! They are on the dry side, however very easy to blend, can be applied by finger tips or brushes, long wearing, and not powdery at all.  After 8 months use, at least 2-3 times a week, there is  barely any eyeshadow powder on cream concealer.

Compare to Too faced natural matte palette($36): I think they are just as good as each other, only the inglot rainbow eyeshadows are less powdery.

I like the too faced one very much, it’s the one got me interested in eyeshadows. But I found myself only use 4 colors: heaven(beige white color), cashmere bunny, sexspresso, nudie. WITH Inglot freedom system, I was able to only pay fort hose ones I really use a lot, I think when they expired or I run out of those three, I probably will order the exactly same ones.


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