My Clip On Earrings Collection Part 2

Personal purchase, not sponsored in any form.

Click here  for my post of  detailed clip on earrings hunting experience: My invisible clip on earring collection,

All clip on earrings in this article are from online store: Miyabi Grace

Etsy store: MiyabiGrace

Store owner Jennifer’s own site:

I’ve been a loyal customer since my first purchase last year. 3 reasons: 1, Impressive decent quality, my oldest pair from this store is over a year, no torn and worn yet. 2,Reasonable Price. 3, A wide variety of styles to be chosen from, there always will be something new.

A Brief Update

Just received my package yesterday!  It was very hard to choose just a few from those new pieces,  go bold or go classic?  4 out of 5 are pearl earrings, they are real fresh water pearls, and they are not all perfectly round. But the store owner and the designer Jennifer cleverly hide those natural flaws in the back, so when you’re wearing them, you and your audience will only see the round shape. They catch the light gracefully, simple, and classic.

I’ve discovered a new interest in pearl jewelry since I purchased my first piece of Mikimoto pearl necklace. Mikimoto used to make clip on/screw back pearl earrings, not any more.  It’s properly not fair to compare earrings from an Etsy store to Pearl expert Mikimoto, since it costs  less than 1/10. Even so, I think earrings from MiyabiGrace turned out pretty good.  I’m very happy with my purchase.

I lost one of my favorite clip-ons during traveling, I bought them back as soon as I got home~ I made some “tag along” ” purchase as well. Store owner/designer Jennifer told me “please only purchase very fews that you truly like, because you have enough”. I’d admit I have enough. Until next year~

1, ⇓⇓⇓Etsy: Freshwater Pearl Clip on Earrings $30

2,⇓⇓⇓ Etsy: Pearl Clip On Earrings Light Orange Freshwater Pearl Invisible Clip On Earrings $32 Light orange color is very special, it’s my favorite out of 3 stud-look earrings.

3, ⇓⇓⇓ Etsy: Pearl Clip On Earrings Black Freshwater Pearl Invisible Clip On Earrings $32

I’d say those black pearls are more of a navy color than black with deep green hue. They are not as lustrous and globular as the others. But Black pearls are much rarer and more expensive than classic pearls in general.

4,⇓⇓⇓Etsy: Freshwater Pearl Clip On Earrings Hoops Invisible Clip On Earrings $36

Dangle earrings with length like this(about 4.5-5cm) is my jam! I’d recommend this one over any other pearl earrings in this post.

5,⇓⇓⇓ Etsy: Dangle Boho Gray Tassel Invisible Clip On Earrings Gold Rhinestone $37

BOHO style is very trendy right now, this is my trendy pick. It adds a lot fun to a summer dress or a simple striped tee. I can’t believe I’m able to get Boho style earrings now😆😆😆😆😆 Thanks again for making clip on earrings, Jennifer!

Purchased in August 2017

If you are interested in any of those clip-on earrings, but they are out of stock, try contact the store owner Jennifer through Etsy, show her a picture. Even if she doesn’t have the material right now, she will try her best to make it happen for you.

Here’s her email:

I don’t make any commissions in any form from those earrings. I very much appreciate Jennifer’s hard work. Also I know how hard it’s like to get a pair of beautiful clip-on earrings in regular malls or from online retailers. For all the work Jennifer has done, I wish her the best! I hope she gets her own patent, her own label, so that she could get what she deserves. So that there will be a place for clip-ons in the market. So more and more people in need could easily get them~

1, Green Pearl dangling clip ons $45

My hair is black,  I also wear a lot black, navy dress, that’s the reason I prefer silver/white gold over others. Those green pearls actually more close to traditional black pearls in person, they shine through my hairs, brighten up entire face.


2, Feather shimmery clip on earring $36

I’ve always wanted feather earrings, those ones are light than air, add a lot fun to even just T shirt and jeans.


3,Dangle Silver Threader Clip On Earrings, $28

The best thing I love about this one is, it’s so simple, yet so elegant, adds so much movement to everyday outfit.


4,Sliver Long Bar Clip On Earrings, $28

This is the one I lost on a trip, my  all time favorite.


Coupon for Everyone

I received this card in my package,  Jennifer has her own site now! 10% off with code”miyabigrace0208″.

I purchased from her own site because I’ve shopped in her Etsy store several times, Jennifer is a responsible, trustworthy person. I ordered from her own site with Paypal, everything’s just like ordering from her Etsy store, I guess the only difference might be there won’t be Etsy take out the seller’s earnings. Even though it’s none of my business, but I’m happy for Jennifer. A handful of jewelry makers/designers/storeowners are doing clip on earrings, I hope they all get fairly paid.



Here are some beautiful other pieces on my list.

Thank you for stopping by!

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