COSRX Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Review

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Grew up in Asia, oddly I’m not so crazy about Korean beauty products. To me, K-beauty=cute packages+heavily fragranced+usually do nothing. So when Sephora sent me too many emails promoting loads of K-beauty, I hit that “unsubscribe” button without any hesitation.

However, When Renee from Youtube Channel Gothamista(a skin care review channel, specializes in lab brands and Asian brands, it’s awesome!) mentioned one product repeatedly in many of her videos, I was intrigued. It’s the Cosrx Low PH Morning Gel cleanser. I purchased it on, an online retailer only sells Korean beauty products. Then one product leads to another, I discovered a new and  improved Korean skincare world. Although my opinion towards majority K-beauty products remain the same, there are some great ones out there.

Just found out Cosrx now is on!

COSRX Low PH Good morning Gel Cleanser $12/150ml


What’s it?

A gel cleanser with low Ph and low foam, contains acids so it also smoothes skin texture. Low ph cleanser doesn’t strip away natural oil from skin, at least much less.

From :Mildly acidic pH 5.0 ~ 6.0 pH 5.0 ~ 6.0: similar to skin’s natural pH level around 5.0. Contains tea-tree oil, natural BHA refines skin texture.

Where and When did I get it?

June 6th on

How often do I use it?

Almost every Morning, on no makeup days, evenings too. 3 months later, still has more than half tube left.


How was it?

1. Standard squeeze tube, easy to control quantity, half of a quarter size is enough for me.

2.It smells exactly the same as The Body Shop tea tree line.

3.It foams, not dense but noticeable, easy to be completely washed off.

4.It has low Ph(5.0-6.0) level which is very close to skin natural Ph level(about 5.5), less likely to cause any extra dryness.

5. After wash, My skin will be soft, moist, sometimes a little tight but not dry. I need less moisturizer during daytime, makeup holds up better, smoother. 

6. Won’t be enough to remove makeup, it’s not designed to do so.

7.To sum up, it’s a very affordable, gentle cleanser. Definitely worth a try!

Is morning cleanser necessary?

1.Is a special new cleanser necessary?  Luke warm water(never hot) works just as good as most cleanser, much better than a harsh one. A warm towel(never hot) in the winter, heavenly~

2.Is this step necessary?  Listen to your own skin. Cleansing creates a clean base for daytime skincare and makeup. I do feel my makeup goes on and holds better after morning cleansing, with cleanser or not. I do like morning cleansing if I put layers of skincare the night before, it’s refreshing. Sometimes I go to sleep without any skincare, just to let skin breathe once a while. The next morning I’ll put on moisturizer without cleansing, it turns out just fine~ If you wake up with balanced skin, and you just don’t feel like it, it’s not necessary. Just my humble opinion~~

2 reasons why I use a morning cleanser

1. To prevent breakouts from over moisturize and too much skin nature oil. I tend to get oily T zone in the morning. According to skin care specialists that’s because I didn’t put on enough moisturizer, and/or I need facial oil. But I did, I put on loads of moisturizer, also facial oils. One day, I woke up found my face was so oily, dripping oily. That’s it, no more following experts,I have to listen to my own skin!

2. To protect skin from sunburn. I still use acids treatments every now and then, Wear sunscreen is a must do after acids treatments. Wash off any leftover acid treatment is also very important to me. The less light-sensitive possibilities, the better.

My experience with Morning Cleansers

Eve Lom morning time cleanser ($60/4.1oz).

It’s a balm cleanser in a tube, requires massage and be left on for 2 minutes. After massage, it melts  into oil and heats up a little, kinda like a mini spa. It was a soothing wake up call, left skin hydrated and soft, I think it would be great for dry skin type.I used it up but I didn’t repurchase, the process wasn’t the most convenient, and price isn’t most friendly.

Drunk Elephant Juju bar(Ph 6.34) and Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar(ph 6.51) $28/113g

DE soap bars have slightly higher Ph level than Cosrx Morning cleanser. But they work just fine, Pekee bar is a little bit too powerful too dry for daytime. If you have them on hand, it’s not necessary to get a new one. Also I prefer DE juju bar in the evening over any other cleansers. It’s powerful also exfoliates. 

Cosrx Low PH Good morning Gel Cleanser $12/150ml

It’s more gentle than DE soap bars due to lower PH level(ph5-6). It’s also the most affordable one compare to the others. Although it was named as a morning cleanser,  I enjoy using it in the evening too, on no makeup days. It’s not powerful enough to be used as a makeup remover alone, but good enough to be used as a second cleanser in double cleanse(cleansing oil/balm+cleanser).

Glossier milky jelly cleanser $18/177ml

Gel texture, rosy tone fragrance, very silky on skin. It was designed as a all in one cleanser, including remove face and eye makeup. Didn’t work at all! Tried it on dry face, burning hurt, I had to wash it off immediately. Tried it on wet face, barely took away any make up(regular, not waterproof), even a kitchen towel could do better.

I can only use milky jelly as a morning cleanser. In this way It has a very similar result compare to Cosrx gel cleaner.  It doesn’t foam, at all, and it remains gel texture through wash, hard to tell whether I washed it off or not. That’s also the reason why I don’t use it very often. For anyone isn’t fond of foam, it would be a good option for morning cleanser.


 Thank you for stopping by!

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