Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser, Balm Cleanser, and 4 competitors

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Information List:

1 How To Use Eve Lom balm cleanser

Article with pictures: Eve Lom 7 step facial technique

Youtube video: Discover The Eve Lom Facial Technique

2  Lisa Eldridge balm cleanser recommendation youtube video: Cleansing Balms and News Update! I look up to Lisa’s advice. She is a very talented makeup artist, and so elegant as a woman. I have tried 4 products from this list. Her youtube channel: Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge’s book: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup

3, My humble towards “double cleansing”: It’s not a new technique, it’s been around in Asia over a decade already. Double cleansing could max the cleansing result, for oily skin type or heavy makeup wearer, it could be very beneficial.  But not a must skincare step for everyone, especially sensitive skin type and dry skin type, it could be too drying leads to more skin problems. The second cleanser doesn’t have to be a foam cleanser, micellar water works too.

4, A Tip: Wash hands after massaging a cleansing balm/oil on face, with hand soap before splashing water on face/using a cleaning cloth. In this way, we don’t “recycle” dirt/makeup back onto face, cut down the risk of breakouts. Also wash cleansing cloth frequently.

5, Eve Lom Value Set:

$65 The Radiant Ritual:50 mL Cleanser,15 mL Rescue Mask,10 mL WHITE Brightening Lotion,7 mL Kiss balm, Muslin Cloth 

$55 The Award Winners:50 mL Cleanser, 25 mL Rescue Mask, Muslin Cloth 

What's a perfect cleanser balm to me

1, One step remover them all: water-proof sunscreen, foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, etc.

2, Doesn’t require “scrub “, the whole process has to be gentle on skin, including eye areas.

3, No oily residues, or very minimal.

4, Green, gentle formula, no harsh chemicals.

Eve Lom cleanser achieved 3 of them.  It does have mineral oil in balm cleanser, which may irritate sensitive skin.

Eve Lom Balm Cleanser and Gel Balm Cleanser Review

The Eve Lom original balm cleanser before any balm cleansers trend was developed 25 years ago, by facialist Eve Lom. I heard about it for the first time when I was a freshman in college.It was some celebrities’ “skincare secret weapon”. it was so expensive to a student. Years later I managed to get it on a UK website: lookfantastic.com for About $48/50ml+20ml with no tax. And learned how to use it correctly online. Overall, I do enjoy using it throughout the years. Mineral oil got me worried for a little, but after a short break, I didn’t find anything quite does the same job, so I just keep using it. As I had a pleasant experience with the original balm cleanser, when the gel balm came out I ordered it from Space NK.com  immediately in late August 2017.


The Balm cleanser: open jar. Gel balm: airless pump.

Reminder: Never leave them in the shower, heat will change their textures.


Formula: Not identical, balm cleanser has much shorter ingredient list than gel balm cleanser. The original balm has mineral oil, new gel balm doesn’t have mineral oil.

The active ingredient, click to see the complete list:

1, Balm cleanser  2, Gel balm cleanser(click to see complete list)


Balm cleanser is a thick balm to oil, gel cleanser is between gel and lotion.


Eve Lom Balm Cleanser, $80/100ml



Eve Lom Gel cleanser, $60/100ml996BFA40-FB56-4B99-89F3-25FF1E694146

Room temperature water Test


The same and the different

Same: They are both reliable in removing everything gracefully, by everything, I mean water-proof sunscreens like Shiseido ultimate sun protection lotion, waterproof foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and no harsh scrubbing motion needed.

different: 1, The original balm only works with lukewarm/warm water, Cold water doesn’t agree with it. Also, it has to be massaged with dry hands on dry face. Wash off with a muslin cloth.

2, Gel balm works with wet hands on with face, requires no muslin cloth, even though I still enjoy to use one. Gel balm works with lower water temperature compares to the original.

3, I like the packaging of gel balm much better.


My humble:1, I love them both, a little more towards gel balm because of the packaging.

2, Double cleansing(cleansing balm or oil + a regular foaming cleanser)

It was actually already a routine in Asia 10 years ago. It was well promoted by Shu Uemura(a Japanese professional makeup brand), Shu Uemura was famous for its signature cleansing oil, which now has been reformulated and divided into several new products.

This cleansing method has been well received internationally because a lot of cleansing oils in the market can be hardly washed off only by water. You’ll need another cleanser to remove the residue. It’s quite gimmicky. I’ve experienced quite a few balm cleansers and cleansing oils throughout the years, I think with a good balm/oil cleanser, the second cleanser is not necessary, mostly a personal preference. For example, I personally use double cleansing method during summer time, but not so much during winter time. If you feel like your balm/oil cleanser needs another one to remove it, then it’s not the right one for you.

With Eve Lom, either Balm cleanser or gel balm cleanser, I don’t use a second cleanser. Not because I trust it naturally, I tested through times. With the help of a warm damp cleansing cloth, there is really nothing to be worried about. I never got any breakout from those 2 cleansers.

3, About fragrance and Mineral oil in them: I freaked out about those ingredients a while ago, led to more stressful about my skin condition. So I stopped using this balm cleanser for a while. As I keep observe my own skin condition, I understand it more. I decided to bring back my favorite one-step cleanser to see what would happen. I didn’t get any breakouts from it, that’s my experience, also my choice. I feel anyone interested in this cleanser needs to make a decision too. If you did buy it, keep the recipe just for insurance~~

4, What’s outstanding about those Eve Lom cleansers?Well, Eve Lom developed the very first balm cleanser 25 years ago, same formula never changed yet still very popular, that’s something right? The original balm cleanser is my most repurchased cleanser. The new gel balm provides another option with same great cleaning results. To me, I think it’s more of a balm cleanser and cleansing cloth combination, even the light medical/spa treatment smell.

The original balm cleanser is my most repurchased cleanser. The new gel balm provides another option with same great cleaning results. To me, I think it’s more of a balm cleanser and cleansing cloth combination, even the light medical/spa treatment smell.

The new gel balm provides another option with same great cleaning results. To me, I think it’s more of a balm and cleansing cloth combination, even the light medical/spa treatment smell. I’m only halfway through the new gel balm. Eve Lom

Just need a balm cleanser? There are other options out there! Looking for a more affordable balm cleanser?The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. $8 while BOGO 3. Looking for a better aroma, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Looking for a familiar brandClinique Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm. 

Cleansing Cloths

I strongly recommend using a cleansing cloth with any balm cleanser.Not necessary from Eve Lom, a cleansing cloth of your choice. It’s part of the legacy, it changes the whole experience. I just love how it wipes away all the makeup but come white again under warm water~ Also at the end of the day, who doesn’t like a warm towel~My favorite is definitely Emma Hardie Dual Action Cloth.

Emma Hardie Dual Action cloth, $25/3 pack. Dual-sided: Muslin side+microfibre side. Thick, more of a face towel than a thin cloth. And it has an eyelet so I can hang it to dry. With Eve Lom Muslin cloth, I just poke a hole through the cloth to hang it…Even when I’m not using a balm cleanser, cover my face with a hot/warm Emma Hardie dual action cloth, is a real treat, very relaxing~~

Eve Lom Muslin cloths, $22/3 pack. 100% cotton cloths, thin and soft. Wins at size. It’s about double size of Emma Hardie dual action cloth or the Body Shop Muslin cloth. It’s so thin, I used to think because it’s so thin that makeup can be washed off it. One day I replace it with a 5 for $3.99 Target Hand towel just for an experiment.

The Body shop Muslin Cleansing Cloth .$6(always on sale, best price $3 while BOGO3). Dupe for Eve Lom Muslin Cloths, half size of Eve Lom Muslin Cloth works just as good.

Target 5 for $3.99 wash towel experiment: I tested it with Eve Lom balm cleanser, gel balm cleanser, Emma Hardie balm cleanser. A little rough on the face than a muslin cloth. However, It works with those balm cleansers just fine! Also, it can be cleaned just with warm water. I think it’s those cleansers that are doing the magic.



In action, I’m sorry you have to see this… But I mean it’s more evident, right?  The Microfiber side grabs most makeup then I turn it over to the muslin side with a more detailed wipe. Run it through warm water, it’s that easy to wash off Eve Lom cleansers.  I threw them in the laundry every once a while, machine wash, tumble dry, they last a long time.


Brief reviews on 4 competitors


Among those balm cleansers, same great cleansing/makeup remove results, but

Most affordable option: The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. $8 while BOGO 3.

Better aroma, same luxury feeling: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Looking for a

Looking for a familiar brandClinique Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm. 

1, Moringa Cleansing Balm with Cleansing Cloth, £39.00/About $52/100ml

It’s a little thicker than Eve Lom comes to texture, even after it melts, it has a slightly thicker feeling. Botanical blend, people debate about it has a better formula than Eve Lom. It delivers an excellent cleansing result with a more moisturized after-wash. Recommend it to dry skin type. I’m totally in love with the cleansing cloth!

2, Botanics® Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm,$9.9/60ml in Target

It doesn’t have mineral oil in it. But, It’s horrible. It has a much soft texture than any of those balm cleansers, melts to oil in a second. It stays as oil, doesn’t work with water even with a cleansing cloth, leaves a greasy residue, doesn’t completely remove makeup. Not Recommend at all.

3, Clinique Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm $29/125ml

Hard wax texture, does meltdown to oil quickly, no fragrance but does have a waxy smell. Dry hands, Dry face, Massage it on face then add warm water till it transfers into a milky texture, washes it off. Effienctily for removing makeup. Slightly dry after wash. Reasonable price! Just one thing, I have quite sensitive eyes, it stings if I’m not very careful. The milky like liquid blurs vision takes minutes to recover. I Recommended this product.

4, The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter $16/3oz (best price $8 while BOGO3) I apologize for the last picture’s quality, it’ a picture from a year ago, I’ve finished it, don’t have it anymore.

This cleansing balm has an identical texture with Clinique cleansing balm with a better smell. The result is similar too. Only with a much better price! I recommend this product! There’s camomille cleansing oil from the same brand, didn’t work for me.



Thank you so much for reading my post,❤️ I appreciate your time!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me: seriousclaire@gmail.com














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