Hair Yeah! My Top 5 Hair Oils


Info List:

A perfect hair oil to me is it does nourish hair, it does detangle, it does add shine. It doesn’t weight down hair, it doesn’t make scalp oily, it doesn’t make hair greasy.

Here are my top 5 hair oils:

1,Acure marula oil, $10.29/30ml, 100% Natural, twist closure

2, Bumble and bumbleHairdresser’s Invisible Oil, $40/100ml, Pump

3, Caudalie Divine Oil, $32/50ml, Spray

4, Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, $44/100ml, Twist closure

5 Kérastase elixir ultime original oil, $28/50ml, pump; $58/100ml, Twist closure


A close look at packagings


A close look at textures


My hair condition

I have long hair, medium long. My hair texture is thick, wavy to curly, easily tangled. hair color is black, never color treated. I try my best to work with my natural hair condition and texture.

why I love hair oils

I have dry to very dry hair type, very much in need of hydration and nutrition. With sensitive scalp condition, I find that most cream type leave-in hair conditioners aren’t too friendly to my scalp, some of them caused itchiness, redness, even dandruff.  Also, weight down my hair made them so greasy. Hair oil works better for me. While some act very differently on my hair and scalp, for example, my hair loves argan oil, but my scalp doesn’t, while my hair would be soft and detangled after argan oil, my scalp would be too oily.  I’ve tried a lot of hair products over the years, those 5 are my favorites.

Tip: Better to apply hair oil little by little, build it up.

1,Kérastase elixir ultime original oil: a classic, it was my first hair oil, I’ve used up 3 bottles of full-size(100ml). I bought a travel size a month ago for this post, still love it! It’s very light on the hair, adds shine and detangles. Works on both wet and dry hair.

However, it does contain fragrance and alcohol.  I don’t feel it adds nutrition, the result only last to next wash.

2, Acure marula oil     100% cold pressed marula oil, affordable, lasts long. Currently on my second bottle. I discovered it when I was looking for a dupe for Drunk ELephant Marula oil. Acure certainly fits the bill, Acure has a wide section of natural oil products, a wonderful brand. It nourishes hair, makes hair so soft and tangle free, it works better on damped hair than on dry hair. I like to use it on almost dry hair and use it overnight. If you prefer all natural, organic hair care products, this is the one!

3, Caudalie Divine Oil     My second bottle. It’s a body and hair dry oil, a winter savior. A blend of 4 oils: grapeseed, argan, shea butter and sesame. It provides a similar result as Acure marula oil, very powerful on nourishing hair. I normally don’t like any scented hair care or skin care products. This one does have fragrance in it, strong but not annoying. No matter how dangled my hair is, it can detangle my hair within 3 sprays.

4, Bumble and bumbleHairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Very similar to Kérastase elixir ultime original oil, you’ll only need one of them. My first bottle but I like it a lot! It feels light on hair, detangles and smoothes hair.   It’s a blend of oils like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil.

Price wise I recommend Bumble and bumble over Kérastase. I need less product for the same result, although it’s also fragranced, the fragrance in bumble and bumble went away quickly.

5, Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment  Currently on my second bottle, It does contain silicone, but no alcohol. The main ingredient is argan oil, blended with other ingredients. It’s not as greasy on hair as pure argan oil. Last year I only had this one and a bottle of Acure marula oil, it lasted me a whole year!

Light version for color treated hair: MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT LIGHT, $44/100ml

If I only allowed choosing one hair oil, I’ll choose Acure marula oil.

My Haircare tips:

1, Never use hair oil before any hot tools, hair will get fried.

2, Wash hair with warm water, not hot water. Hot water can drain the moisture out of hair.

3, Hair also needs UV protection, a Hat, a spray sunscreen will do wonders.

4, Hairsprays act as “makeup” to hair, that’s why I need sleep with hairspray on.

5, There’s no “restore” in hair care, no reason to blow money on “restore” products. Once hair is seriously damaged, the best way to “recover” is to start over, cut off the damaged ends, let the hair grow. Lightly damaged, add more moisture(oil, cream, whichever you prefer) often helps a lot. Scarp care is super important, Scalp health is the foundation of healthy hair. Anything you are not willing to use on face, don’t use it on hair and scalp either.

6, Diet affects hair health. Hair vitamins are not necessary, an overall clean, whole foods diet benefits hair, body and mind.

Info: WebMD The whole foods diet


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  1. […] My ultimate goal of haircare is to wear my natural hair with pride, also keep it simple, fast, and low maintenance. I have curly thick hair has the length of 3-4 inches past shoulder, I’d trim them once a month to maintain the length. Dry ends, Puffiness, and flyaways are the keywords of my natural hair. If I go to bed with wet hair, I’m going to wake up as “Lionking”. It’s funny and frustrating at the same time~Years of trying and researching, I’ve built a hair care routine that works with those natural features also is easy and efficient for me. Brushes and oils are the only things I need. Read my current hair oils collection here: Hair Yeah! My Top 5 Hair Oils […]


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