Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm Swatches

Colors and scents references

A Brief Review

Packaging: wood and plastic open jar, big enough for just “kiss” the lip balm instead of using figures.

Texture: Very waxy. Remember those cute Vaseline Lip Balm tubes retail for $1.89 in Target? Vaseline lip balms have very similar texture with those French kiss lip balms, even softer.

Any good? Don’t be fooled by those cute little jars. They are completely waste of money and time. I do not recommend at all. They sit on top of lips, very weak tint, not moisturizing at all. After applying for 15 minutes, dry patches on my lips were still there. For same/similar price, Fresh tinted lip balm are much much much more moisture and nicely pigmented. For better quality and much lower price, I have a long list, but on top of my head are Vaseline lip balms and chapstick tinted lip balms. Vaseline lip balms are very similar, not so much in moisturizing, but keep lips soft. Chapstick tinted lip balms are just so much better in moisturizing and great colors.


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