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Update: I do notice the concealer in this palette drys down a little bit over time, but not so much change in blush and highlighter. I think the concealer may eventually be too dry for the undereye area.


Retail for $60/9g in total

Where to buy: You can find CHANEL PALETTE ESSENTIELLE with 3 shades in Nordstrom, in-store and online. 150 Beige Clair, 160 Beige medium, 170 Beige Intense.

5 shades on Chanel ‘s website: with 2 more shades 175 Rose Naturel and 180 ROSE PÉTALE (limited shade), free shipping over $50.

Shade match: Concealer in 150 is the best match for me, for reference, I wear Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation in Buff 210 N, L’Oréal true match in W2/W3.

A Random Pick

I was looking for an undereye concealer the other day in my local Nordstrom store, which I also hope could be used as an all over face cover-up for the No-makeup look. My issue with undereye concealers is they always “crack” over those inner corner fine lines, like I’ve had makeup on for over a year, put ages on my face. Most of the time I’d rather choose dark circles over concealers. The best one worked for me in the past was the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer. It concealers dark circles nicely, however with the dip-back packaging, it changed texture within 2 months, “cracked” again.

I swatched a few concealers from different brands in store, concealer in Chanel essential palette 150 surprised me, it totally disappeared into my skin.

The packaging is just a standard black plastic square box with a mirror inside and  a useless cheap looking pouch.  Though compared to the prices of some “out of mind” luxury brands nowadays, who would think Chanel cosmetics could be the one that more “affordable” than many others.

One essential palette with one potential problem

The potential problem is the open face packaging, I’m a little worried about those products would dry out over time.

My version of minimal makeup are brows, concealer, blush and a tinted lip balm. This palette contains a concealer, a blush, a highlighter, all in cream form. It does not have any scent, which is a plus for me. For reference, I have combination skin type with oily T-zone, always well moisturized before makeup, always have sunscreens on during the daytime.I use my fingers and beauty blender to apply those products.

The Concealer is none too wet or oily nor too powdery, it feels creamy at first, as soon as it touches skin, it drys down a little, but not completely dry. I’ve been using this palette nonstop for 2 weeks now, I do feel this concealer performs better on bare skin, it could be a little cakey over foundation. It works in the undereye area for me! It does not crack or stuck in lines, but it does not fill up lines either.

It covers up about 70% dark circles for me, which makes me much more awake. It also does a great job of covering up redness. I have redness issue around the mouth, on the side of the nose, sometimes in between eyebrows. It covers them all, and it doesn’t pick up any dry patches, or stuck in pores. 150 is good shade match for me, When I wear it as a full face coverup, I don’t need to worry about uneven skin tone, it has a very skin-like finish.

Although from what I saw in the store, those concealers may only pass as highlighters for deeper skin tones, not enough shades for everyone to enjoy.Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.37.34 AM

The Blush is a peachy/coral tone pink blush, has good, buildable pigmentation. It does not show up any yellow tone on my complexion. It has a slightly wetter cream texture than the concealer. It does not set too quickly like Lilah.b blush&lip cream duo does(see my review here). So I can take a few seconds to blend it. It lasts very well, fades a little after 5-6 hours, but still there. I do feel I need twice as much over foundation than just on bare skin. As it’s on lips, works better on pre-moisturized lips. It makes a better blush than a tinted lip balm. I tried to use it over eyelids, not the right color for me, but great texture.

The Highlighter has a silver/icy tone, fine pearly shimmer. I’m not a big fan of highlighter in general, but I do like this one, especially to use it as a cream eyeshadow.  I could never use anything shimmery on my eyelids because of my sensitive eyes, Always matte matte matte. With this highlighter, I just love to tap a little on the outer corners of my eyelids. It makes my hooded eyes brighter and bigger than they actually are.

Better to pre-blend it on hands before using on the bridge of the nose, on cupid bow or as an eyeshadow. A little goes a very long way. No pre-blend needed on cheeks. I also like to mix the highlighter with blush, not in the pan but apply them in “stripes” motion, 2 strips blush with 1 stripe highlight, gives me a very fresh, dewy but still natural everyday look. If you are fond of subtle highlighters, this is the one.

After Blending.


Overall: highly recommend

If you are able to find a good shade match, I highly recommend this palette! While it is pricey, very nice quality.

It works great on the bare skin, it works well over sunscreen, a little off over foundation though. While I do enjoy a glamorous full face makeup once a while, I found myself wear less and less foundation on a day to day basis, it’s just so much easier and quick! With this palette, I just need an eyebrow pencil, a lip color of my choice, I’ll be out of the door in 3 minutes. I do wish it has a cream bronzer. Even without the bronzer, it’s still the perfect no-makeup palette for me. I can see myself buy it again.

Thank you for reading my post!❤️


  1. Why didn’t you post any pictures of this palette on your face? After reading your lengthy review, I’m still left wondering what this actually looks like on a face.


    • Hi Angela, thanks for the comment! Mainly 2 reasons: 1, I used it as a light coverage foundation, as I just tapped it on the face here and there, it made differences in person however I couldn’t get it right on camera. 2, I’m camera shy. There is a picture in the post that I applied it on my hand which gave some ideas of how it would appear on skin. Just an update on this product, it does dry out overtime and the product texture changes on performance too. Hope it helps:-)


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