Morning Coffee

Woke up awfully early this morning.

I watched TV, I browsed through websites, I tried on new dresses, I ate a protein bar, I weighed myself. I charged earphones. I lay on the couch changed a hundred positions.

Then the light came in, I just realized it is Spring already, sun comes out much earlier.

Made a cup of coffee, then everything seems quiet down a bit.

A book I found in a second hand bookstore. Some sort of minty yet woody air hit my nose, that one kind you can only find in old books. I can’t help myself but breathing quietly.

A book made for YSL 1983 New York exhibition.

How many styles are out there in the wild world, I find it funny that there aren’t many. Every single kind I ever loved is in this book.

Oh, the milk I put in the coffee, is a week past the”best by”.

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