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Had a little extra fun at lunchtime today! I picked up an Amazon meal kit at Amazon Go store yesterday, cooked it today for lunch. The overall meal prep time from open the package to serve is 26 minutes. If I wasn’t taking pictures, probably could have done it within 15-20 minutes.

Overall I think it’s a very good meal kit, fresh, convenient, easy to cook. No chopping or cooking skills necessarily required, you just need to put them together and cook through.  Easy and fast, filling but light. I recommend it! Flavor wise, 4 out of 5.

If Amazon could put all the ingredients souce on the package or even on website, I’d like to know the source of my food!


Package materials are all recyclable, minimal but securely packed. $17.99, serves 2. I plan to reuse this plain paper box as a bread or fruit storage box. Maybe paint something over it.

I have another Amazon meal kit in the refrigerator “Vietnamese noodle with lemon grass beef”, the box is the same size as the Kung Pao chicken, compare to a regular strawberry box.

Nutrition Facts.

What’s Inside?

I didn’t red the ingredients list at store, just grabbed and went out there😂

Highlights: chicken thigh, fully cooked Jasmine rice, water chestnuts, cashews, Gai lan. All the ingredients are maximum prepped, so there really not much mess can be left in the kitchen.

Gai lan is a vegetable most likely to be seen in Cantonese restaurant even in China. Usually I need to get them from Asian market. So is water chestnut. I was surprised to see them in this kit! The traditional Kung Pao chicken doesn’t have water chestnuts, it also uses Peanuts for the crunchiness and nutty flavor. Cashews are widely used in Thai cuisine. At this point I was happy with the ingredients, but already know it was an adjusted Kung Pao chicken receipt, not a Chinese restaurant receipt, but not a traditional Chinese cuisine receipt either.

The Amazon Meal kit Recipe

I’m quite impressed with the instructions in this recipe, it has 2 cooking skills that shows it comes from someone who understands Chinese cuisine. 1: briefly boil the vegetable first, then stir fry. Oil and salt usages can be deducted to minimal amount for a more clean and refreshing flavor, and for a lighter and healthier dish overall. 2, Two forms of same flavor, dry chilli peppers and wet chilli sauce. Sizzle dry spices for a seductive fragrant, marinade or seasoning with wet spices for a deeper flavor. Those skills are actually great for most stir fry dishes. I appreciate the person who put this meal kit together, awesome introduction to Chinese cooking for beginners👍

I DIDN’T follow the recipe entirely, I just cooked them the way I wanted. I think this meal kit was designed for this purpose, that is consumers can adjust the dish accordingly. I didn’t use the vinegar and sugar for a sweet and sour “Kung Pao chicken”, I left them out for a Savory and spicy “Kung Pao chicken”. I also only used half of the sesame oil and cashews.

Left overs⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ I will use them later. The vinegar in this kit, I tasted it, it’s Most likely balsamic vinegar. Interesting because that’s what I use at home as an alternative for Chinese vinegar. Sour, no bitterness, with a hint of sweetness.

How were they, any good?


If you are looking for General Tsao kind meal, this is not it. This Kung Pao chicken from Amazon meal kit is much more delightful! Tasty not greasy. I pulled all the marinade sauce into the dish without using the sugar, so it turned out a bit salty for my taste. If I followed the instructions entirely, it shouldn’t be a problem. Other than that, it’s a filling, healthy light lunch for Two, no mess no fuss.

I don’t own a single designer bag while I regularly consume $5.99-10.99/ 5Lb rice. Let me tell you about the Jasmine rice in this kit,  that’s some fancy rice. Fully cooked already, microwave 2 minutes, fluffy and airy.

Overall I recommend this Amazon meal kit, it was thoroughly good quality, environmental friendly, well balanced flavor, also thoughtful! It leaves out oil and salt so that customers are in charge to control quality and quantity themselves! If you are able to grab one, go for it! If you aren’t, this meal kit is not difficult to duplicate at home. 😝

I will definitely buy it again, I’m also intrigued to try more Amazon meal kits in the near future!

Chinese Food, Me and Bai Zhan Ji

Traditional Chinese cuisine has clean and defined flavor note. Balance and harmony are the keywords.  The fragrant, the color presentation, the taste, layering with similarities, twisting with contradictions, full lyrics, all in one bite.

Not to mention, thousands of shapes and forms by knife skills, by cooking skills. One ingredient can stretch to another, Two ingredients can be transformed to one. It’s all very interesting~what you saw may not be what you’d taste.

What’s more interesting, You may know Chinese food better than you’d believe. For example, slice Mantou(dense, unstuffed Bun), dip into egg mix, pan fry it. Usually serve as breakfast, sweet by dusting sugar over it or savory with pickles on the side.  Sounds familiar? Very similar to French toasts.

Born and raised in China, my super hero was my grandpa. My grandpa travelled a lot, he knew dishes all over the country. Bai Zhan Ji” is just one of many dishes my grandpa made, greatest chef in my life, hi grandpa, I miss you♥️

If you love Chinese Cuisines, you must try this dish! The DRAMATIC  fragrant, the tender and juicy “grabbing” your lips mouth feeling, it looks like nothing but tastes like everything! It’s basically steamed chicken, skilly processed and precisely timed. Bai Zhan Ji needs to be steamed for hours, steam folded into wind,  the whole neighborhood would know someone is making Bai Zhan Ji. Just like any kind cuisine in the world, 1000 Chinese people may have 1000 Bai Zhan Ji recipes, but you can always recognize it from far away, it’s up in the air. One day someday, I’d like to see when people talk about Chinese food, they talk about dishes like Bai Zhan Ji.

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