Lancôme Le Teint Particulier Custom-Made Foundation Review

Not sponsored. A spontaneous purchase 🙂


Information first:

Detailed information and video: Lancôme website. Not available on Lancôme website, exclusively at selected Nordstrom stores.

Full location list: Nordstrom website. “Drop by or call to book an appointment for an in-store matching session.”

Price: US $88/22ml, That’s $120 for a regular 30ml, Plus tax, I  dropped by on a weekday night, paid $96.8 for 22ml.

UK £90/30ml.

Packaging: The whole packing is plastic, still elegant though. Standard pump dispenser.There is a plastic bottle inside the shell. There is your name, complexion id and batch number on the label, in the UK, there is a “Best before” date on the label, we don’t have it in the US, why not??????? I’ll update this post if the texture changed within a year.

Fresh from the store, only 2/3 full. It’s 22ml in a 30ml bottle.

Reorder: Call the same location to refill with the complexion id on the label, full price with full packaging including the box I don’t see the necessity. You can also change it to a different coverage with the same color, no store visit needed.

The Standard Process: Pictures are from Lancôme website

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.05.50 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.32.59 PM.png

I was told it’s a water-based formula by the Lancome representative.

My Personalization Experience  

Prep: I removed my makeup at the Lancome counter, had a talk with Lancôme representative first, about my skin type, foundation routine, the problem area. Then she scanned my color for the first time. On my forehead, cheeks, and neck.

The process: Only 2 steps, 6 options can be personalized. 3 skin types and 3 coverages.

After the scanning device got my skin data, the software on the laptop analyzed my skin. Then here came the 2 personalization steps. Skin type: dry, normal, oily. coverage: also 3 options, should be light, medium, full, I chose “normal” and “full”. Then that’s it, not a lot to be personalized actually, then the machine will do its job.

The machine


The one in the picture is the “formula” machine, the original mix looks kinda like overnight oatmeal, very clear layers.There’s a”shake” machine under it.  Inside the Formula Machine, those are foundation bases on the left, pigments on the right.

Third time is a charm

It should take about  30 minutes to finish the personalization. we tried 3 times in total about 45 minutes to get this foundation right. 3 times of scanning, 3 barcodes from 3 new boxes, 3 times of choosing. The first layer is a cream-like white layer, then the yellow base. Which was empty during the process, and there wasn’t any “reminder”, so after the second time, based on her experience, the representative took a guess that might because there was no “yellow base” left, she was right. After she replaced the yellow based, it’s finally working. It was a week ago, I still feel it’s quite ironic that I was paying a high price to see how cheap it can be to make a foundation.

Another color match after the first batch

Speak Up: I do feel the personalization only half depends on the machine, the other half depends on yourself and the rep. If you have any doubts or a different opinion, please speak out instantly and discuss it with your rep. If the first batch is not your perfect match, explain why they will adjust it for you. For me, I don’t wear primer, I’m not currently using any Lancome skincare either, so when I was asked to apply Lancome moisturizer and primer first, I said no, I’d like to see exactly how it went on bare skin.

I  was very pleased with the first batch, my Lancome rep applied it with a brush, 2 layers, with bronzer and some subtle blush, just the way I wear makeup. If you have a specific bronzer or blush want to test with the foundation, don’t be afraid to ask, it’s safe to say Nordstrom store has everything! Or bring them with you, because bronzer and blush can change the whole look of a foundation.

Special thanks to my Lancome specialist, she was very experienced and patient and fully respect my opinions, due to the machine failure, the whole process extended the store hour, she told me no worries, ” we don’t walk out until you walk out”, how sweet! If you are in Seattle Area, Southcenter Mall, ask for Sonja, she’s awesome!

 The foudation review, Worth it?

Half pump in the Picture, under different lights.

Very little foundation ⬇️

Compare to Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24H Longwear SPF 15 Foundation $47/30ml in the color 210 Buff (N) which I considered as my very good color match. I was surprised to see the difference!


The foundation review:

1, Color match:  I was a little shocked to see how different the colors are when comparing those Lancome foundations side by side. Same brand, same person. Also, my personalized foundation is perfect on the face and neck, but a  little different with the skin color on my hand.

2, Coverage: For half pump, light to medium coverage, sunspot and acne scars still can peak through. Because the color match is so good, it’s like I’m not wearing any foundation. With one pump, it’s full coverage, with 2 layers of 2 pumps, it’s stage coverage.

Blending: It was suggested to be applied with a beauty blender or a brush. I do feel beauty blenders and brushes can soak too much foundation. For regular 30ml, no, for 22ml, no no no. I prefer to use fingers to apply. Some reviews mentioned it’s hard to blend this foundation. I don’t have this problem, I do feel it’s better to build up the coverage than going in with a great amount.

2, Consistency: on the thick side, between gel and cream. It reminds me so much of  LANCÔME TEINT VISIONNAIRE SKIN PERFECTION FOUNDATION, the one with a concealer on top, the one has been discontinued, I wonder why…

3, stay-on power: for the whole week,  I’ve been wearing this foundation nonstop, sunny or rainy, it’s the same color and same coverage till I take it off. No touch up needed. Though my T-zone is a little shiny by the end of the day.  A plus point, it’s easier to be removed than average long lasting foundation.

4, Formula: If you like Lancome foundation in general, you will like this one, quality wise it’s a typical Lancome foundation, I won’t say the quality is particularly brilliant, but definitely holds up to the name.

Worth it?

I probably would repurchase when I ran out~If I only need this foundation, for a yearly cost, I’ll bite~The product itself is a very good one, the technology is pioneer level, I look forward to seeing more brands having color-match technologies in the future.

Thank you for stopping by❤️




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