Life Off blog

Haven’t been blogging much lately, haven’t been writing much at all for that matter. Feel like I need to sum up and carry on, here I go.

1, 642 things to write about

My blog was mainly about beauty reviews. I was buying A LOT of cosmetics, that was something I thought I knew a thing or two and could be written about, then I stopped buying them, felt like I was cutting off the source of my writing practice, blogging energy down. The thing is that  I started a blog for practicing writing, it’s never should only stop at a specific topic, should be just about writing in general. That’s something I’d like to do, for fun, for a personal experience. Switching from a language to another has been a challenge for me, there were a lot of times I felt like I lost my voice, the way I speak impacts the way I think, it takes time to find myself again. Last weekend, I found this book in a bookstore, called 642 things to write about. A collection of random topics created by a bunch of book editors. It’s just brilliant!! What a great way of encouraging writing! So I found my energy again~There are 3 things I’m going to do with my blog, 1, Post on a schedule, 2, New topics, 3, Better editing.

2, Claire on a Bike

I bought a bike! It was a now or never moment for me. I always enjoyed riding a bike but hadn’t for almost 10 years. I bought a bike last month and been learning all kinds of new things about riding a bike. This bike brings a lot fun to my daily life because I can’t drive, it allows me to commute and have fun at the same time.  The first ride was brutal. I was prepared with a good amount of research made sure I knew all the rules on the road and how to stay safe. On my first day, I almost got smashed by a BMW SUV. It got much better on the second ride. Every time I got a cutoff or a prank scream, there always will be someone kind that makes me feel a lot better and I  appreciate that very much. The most important lesson I learned on a bike is always to be kind. Cycling in the city can be a challenge, I’ll just have to put on my helmet and carry on.

3, Weight Loss Plan 5 months in

I’m trying to lose some weight, 50 Lbs to be accurate. I bought a smart scale, some workout gears, subscribe to a fitness App called 8fit, had a goal and a plan. and 5 months in the program  I gained 5 pounds. I’ve been trying to ignore the hilarious come out for a while, time to be reasonable now. Here are the Don’t and Dos I learned from my personal experience, which I should keep in mind on the second try. Don’t step on the scale every day. Don’t track every workout. Don’t have a cheat day. Don’t start aggressively. Don’t give up. Do have a reasonable progress goal. Do enjoy food and every meal. Do take every chance to “move”. Do adjust the workout personally. Do try it again. try it again, today starts right now.

4, Shopaholic, draw a Line

I love shopping, online and in store. I still love the excitement of getting new things, it’s almost as good as achieved something. During the past 2 years, I find myself struggling in between “Minimalism” and “Never enough”. Minimalism as I’ve learned to appreciate more about good quality and long-lasting style. Never enough as I can’t get enough of similarities when it comes to my favorites. Even though deep down I do know between all those favorites, I still prefer a special one over the others, most of them just sitting there collecting dust. So I need to draw a line, stop it. If I don’t need something right away, I don’t shop for it.

5,Gran Turismo Sport

I started to play video games on PlayStation. Video game is not my thing, I tried it for my husband. So far I’m quite liking that game Gran Turismo Sport, a racing game. It’s simple enough for me to “get” the fun, but hard enough to be good at. The challenge for me is taking turns. I just can’t let go the speed and hit the brake.  I’m an aggressive gamer that wants to win the first second in the game. I often get a strong start and lose control at the very first turn, then upsettingly finish the rest of the game.  Contrary to my impression, a racing game is not about fast and furious, it’s about how to stay patient and move fast at the same time. I’m hooked!

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