A Skincare Experiment: Test Advice From A 20-Years-Experienced Facialist

The Facial

Recently I had my very first facial, the facial itself was very relaxing, a basic 4 steps “cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturizer” combo with a great message. 

I also got some advice from my facialist,  I agree with her entirely on some general rules about skincare such as “Eat healthily, drink more water. Apply skincare down to the neck.” But There were some suggestions I had strong doubts about.

According to the facialist:

1, I’m “Very Oily”. oily skin is something we were born with, keep blotting is the only way can make skin less oily.

2, I was wrong about not using anything contains alcohol, it wasn’t harmful, just make moisturizer lighter and better, I should switch to gel cream.

3, I was not using enough serum, I should consistently use serum not only in morning and night routines but during the day over makeup. Use as much serum as I can. Use a moisturizer to seal the moisture is a myth.  Because “serum is very concentrated, it has all the good benefits and that is enough for you. You don’t need to spend money on other skincare”.(Ironically, the whole process of my facial was all about “other skincare”, I didn’t get to experience any of those “magic serums”.)

The Experiment, why, when and how

I came home with a bunch of samples of those products recommended by the facialist. The skincare routine works best for me is cleanse, moisturizer, treatment once a while. sunscreen first, minimal makeup second during the day. Keep it simple and gentle has done wonders to my skin. I use a mixture of multiple brands, but mainly from  Mv organic, Pai, and Sunday Riley good genes as a weekly or bi-weekly exfoliator. Even though my refined routine works great for me, 20 years industrial experience was still powerful enough to make me wonder: Do I actually know anything about how to take care of my own skin??? For the sake of knowing my own skin better, I tested those suggestions using and only using those samples given to me. If you heard those suggestions somewhere else and thinking about changing your routine, here are the results. The time was summer, I was trying to be open-minded. The result was horrifying, 

1, I tried 2 days using nothing but moisturizing serum and brightening serum. Result: My skin was more oily than ever, with dry patches.

2, I tried using a toner contains alcohol and a gel cream which also contains alcohol I as the final step. Result: Dryness, redness, unevenness.

3, I tried to apply serum over makeup during the daytime, and keep blotting. Result: 1, I’m a heavy sunscreen user, the alcohol in serums was melting the sunscreen and foundation. I was very oily with all the serums and not enough moisturizer during the experiment, blotting did help take off the excess oil. My face wasn’t oily during the day with my regular skincare products,  I don’t need it since I ‘m back to regular routine now. 

While my experiment period was a whole week, by the end my skin couldn’t tolerate the heat up and dryness anymore, I started to see dry patches, pimples, and redness all over my face. the skin around mouth got so dried up, it took me another whole week to get my skin back to normal.

The Conclusion

No, those pieces of advice didn’t work for me, I’m back to my own routines. 

Those steps neglected the strength of basic step, exaggerated the power of targeted treatments. To confess, ever since I cut down acid treatment to minimal, stopped using VC treatment, I had the doubt whether the “minimalist” skincare routine is enough for me, was I missing those great benefits here?

Alcohol in sunscreen had the least impact on my skin but always had been a problem in everything else. Before I did the experiment I already felt they were too aggressive. Yet, I still thought it had a chance to be better than my own method. Self-doubt is the most powerful enemy one can imagine. Now I think long and hard, a facialist might be a softened approach to a salesman rather than a teacher. While a skincare specialist does usually have more knowledge than average,  experience or degree for that matter doesn’t guarantee a person knows better about another than oneself. 

I did the experiment to clear my mind, it started all about skincare, but I think I’ve learned to say “let’s agree to disagree” next time someone tells me I’m absolutely wrong.

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