Brush and Shine: Tangle Teezer, Mason Pearson Brushes Review


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Also, none of those brushes in this post is a new purchase, from a perspective of a long time user(at least over a year).

Brushes and Purposes

My ultimate goal of haircare is to wear my natural hair with pride, also keep it simple, fast, and low maintenance. I have curly thick hair has the length of 3-4 inches past shoulder, I’d trim them once a month to maintain the length. Dry ends, Puffiness, and flyaways are the keywords of my natural hair. If I go to bed with wet hair, I’m going to wake up as “Lionking”. It’s funny and frustrating at the same time~Years of trying and researching, I’ve built a hair care routine that works with those natural features also is easy and efficient for me. Brushes and oils are the only things I need. Read my current hair oils collection here: Hair Yeah! My Top 5 Hair Oils

I divide my brushes for 3 purposes: detangling, polishing and blowdrying. Detangling keeps hair soft and manageable, also a wakeup routine for me in the morning~ I don’t dye my hair, no highlights either, so polishing hair’s natural sheen is critical for finishing. I try to air dry as often as possible, as I do find heat(from blowdryer and sun)can dry out air dramatically.  But with the right brush(es), I can merely do a fancy blowdry style once a while~ My biggest tips on hair care: Always brush the hair from ends to roots. Always, always apply oils on hair as a final step. 

Tangle Teezer Brushes 

The best quality of Tangle Teezer brushes is they detangling like no other brush can. I tried numbers of brushes from numbers of brands, for detangling, I will say Tangle Teezer is the best. There is something special about those teeth, they have different lengths that target different tangling issues at one brushing. I have every single brush from Tangle Teezer, not every pattern, but every single one. They came in different shape and size, the material of Blow drying brushes are different from regular ones, and they retail from $12-35. but they all feel very comfortable on hands, all detangling with no quality unevenness. If you only need one from this brand, just go for the $12 one, it was the very first one from this brand.

The ” hit and miss” part about Tangle Teezer brushes is they all made of plastics, brushing with Tangle Teezers can only create more volume, which is a good thing for some people but not for people with puffy hairs. Those brushes can also increase flyaways on the surface.

I almost forgot to mention, even though they all made of plastics, None of my tangles Teezer brushes broke down, the longest one I had is over 9 years. Very durable quality. Unless it was specially designed for blow styling, not every Tangle Teezer brush can be used with hot tools.

Mason Pearson Brush

It has a legendary reputation as the best and the only brush you need. The one I got is a travel size called “Pocket Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush”, it’s a mixture of nylon teeth and bristles. I’ve had it for over a year. Bristles alone can grab hair too intensely that cause unnecessary pullouts and breakages. So add nylon teeth into bristles helps to get a better result at detangling. I picked the travel size because it’s $100 cheaper than the full size. After a year of using, I’m still quite pleased with the choice. It may not be the best for detangling but very good at tuck down flyaways and bring out hair’s natural sheen.

That’s the general information about those 2 brands, time to get specific.

All Purpose and Most Reached Favorites


Pink one: Tangle Teezer The Ultimate – Pink ($20), the other one is Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush($105).

I keep them on the counter and bring them on the trip. I brush hair with Tangle Teezer first to detangle, then brush the surface with the Mason Pearson Pocket brush. Wet or dry, up or down. It’s so much faster than using Mason Pearson alone, and so much sleek than using Tangle Teezer alone. Sometimes I switch Tangle Teezer to another one from the same brand. It’s just a matter of mood. Bottom line: While I like Mason Pearson pocket brush very much, I don’t think it’s a must have for one’s collection. I can do the same using a mixture brush I got off Amazon for $15.

Detangle: wet, dry, Portable


Blue: $16 Tangle Teezer  Aqua Splash – Blue Lagoon 

Red: $12Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush

Hello Kitty: $16 a limited pattern of Tange Teezer Compact Styler 

Compact styler(same product as the Hello kitty one in the picture) in color “Pink Sizzle” is my very first Tangle Teezer brush. It was THE game changer me, before that brush, every day is a Princess Dairy Hair Brush scene for me. And I used it as my only brush for over 3 years nonstop. I still have it in my travel case. It’s the only one in Tangle Teezer Collection that has a cap to protect those teeth, it’s much smaller than the “ultimate Pink” but if you prefer your brush has some protection, this is the one.


The red one is designed for thick and curly hair, so once I saw it on the website I have to have it, turns out, it just has longer teeth than the original, so simple but so effective! A slightly faster detangling result than average ones from the same brand. I recommend it to anyone with thick and curly hair.

The blue one is designed for use on wet hair. There is a debate going on whether we should or shouldn’t brush wet hair, as in my own experience, I had some pretty good experience with this particular brush on damp hair. This is how I use it: After washing my hair, I pad dry them with a regular bath towel first, then tuck them in Aquis Hair turban(which is a fine fiber hair towel in the shape of a turban, a time saver for air dry). After about 20 minutes, I undo the turban(at this point the hair is already half dry), then brush the hair with Tangle Teezer aqua splash and leave them to air dry. Once the hair is fully dried, they appear to be sleeker and have fewer flyaways, straighter than usual. It was the near-effect of Manson Pearson Brush. Brush dry hair with same brush does not have the same result.

Blow Dry: Straight, Bouncing curls, and Polished


From top to bottom in this picture:

Round mixture brush: uxor Pro Royal Citrus Thermal Ceramic Round Brush, Large, 2.75 Inch 

I got it off Amazon 2 years ago, the description wasn’t clear what it was made of, but I’m pretty t sure it’s a mixture of bristle and nylon just like Mason Pearson. I only use it for polish surface or blow-drying for a  bounced “C’ shape ends, as it can’t actually brush and detangle hair. A full-on bristle brush doesn’t work with my hair, as it grabs the hair too intensively, I can’t move it with the airflow from the blowdryer. It’s least used brush in my collection.

White handle: $32 TANGLE TEEZER Blow-Styling Round Tool – Large

It grabs the hair just the right amount, it’s easier to move it with the blowdryer compare to the other round brushes, I can do a smooth straight hairstyle with a soft curl at the end for a normal amount of blow-drying time. And because of the teeth are also detangling the hair, it wouldn’t pull out hair like those intense blowdrying session I experienced in salons.

Purple blue handle: $35 TANGLE TEEZER Blow Styling Tool – Full Paddle

Another game changer from Tangle Teezer! Best quality of this brush: quicker, straighter and smoother blowdrying.  Believe or not, this one can actually shorten the blowdrying time. My favorite brush in the winter. In winter, air drying takes forever, so I usually have to use a dryer.  With this brush, because of the wide pad, it “displays’ the wet hair fully for the dryer, so I don’t need to repeatedly blowdry the same batch. If straight hair is your thing, get this one~

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